Dear madam/sir;

I am writing to request all GPL code for the Olio Model One Smartwatch, the flagship product of Olio Devices, Inc.; a company which was acquired by Flex in 2017 (April of 2017, I believe).

I have proof that the Olio Smartwatch runs at least three software components covered by the GNU GPL: the Linux kernel, the Das U-Boot bootloader, and the Busybox software suite. The following is a link to a firmware update wirelessly pushed to the Olio Smartwatch; when the firmware update is examined, it is very obvious that the Olio Smartwatch uses this GPL software:

As the current asset holder of Olio Devices, as described in the aforementioned GNU GPL version 2.0, you (you referring to Flex Ltd. as a whole) are legally obligated to honor any requests for the source code of any software that is covered by the GPL (or licenses with similar requirements) used in the Olio Smartwatch that was made within at least three years of the last official distribution of aforementioned software. 'Distribution' includes the physical distribution of this software programmed onto the internal memory of the Olio Watches sold in official sales as well as official downloads of firmware files (such as the one I linked). I have found that the last batch of Olio Watches was available for sale until at earliest November of 2016 and that the firmware file I linked was officially available for download from until at earliest June of 2017 (having been released on November 30, 2016); both dates well under three years ago, the time span which GPL code requests can be made. Any custom code that can be considered a ‘derivative work’ of GPL-covered code (such as Linux kernel drivers/modules and edits/changes to GPL-covered source code files, for example) must also be made available. This derivative work includes, but is not limited to, the former Olio team’s custom TS81001 (wireless charger controller) and Texas Instruments DRV2605 (haptic engine) Linux kernel drivers.

The GNU GPL version 2, the license that covers Linux, U-Boot, and Busybox:

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Thank you very much and have a good day.